3 Undeniable Signs You Are Heading In The Right Path

#1 Fear: Almost Crippling Fear

Fear will never cease to fascinate me. The thing I feared the most turned out to be the best thing that could have happened. But the person who invoked irrational fear in me ultimately proved it.

So, this always begs the question: whose fear should I rely on?

The answer is neither.

Taking the right path, choosing a new lifestyle, waking up one day, and declaring that you’ve already screwed up enough is all sunshine and brights.

But we are designed in such a way that every positive step we take brings with it a shadow called fear. The yin-yang of life and all the decisions we make.

What people who have progressed in life never tell you is the fear of the unknown that they overcame every day, no matter in what doses.

You cannot wait a day to eliminate fear, because that would require you to eliminate your progress, which would be the same as doing nothing.

So when irrational fear grips you and things seem out of place, know that a new reality is being created, and that fear will always be with you.

Hold on to your work; the eternal inner fire and fear will take a back seat.

#2: Isolation for absolutely no reason

Our future versions will have a cruel sense of humor.

To meet it, we must overcome many basic human needs; one such case is acceptance.

You will feel left out of groups or conversations you have previously participated in for no particular reason.

Your mindset has changed; you want something better for yourself—this is all happening in your space, but how the hell do people already know that?

Oh, they know it very well but cannot express it with the right words. Some attack, some try to make sense of you, and some bring a dose of reality, but this one is sure: they predict your future version long before you can.

Additionally, the more you choose to shine, the more darkness you will bring out in people.

So don’t take anything personally and accept long periods of (forced) solitude. This is your hibernation period or dark days in the cocoon.

Use all your energy to make the most of this time instead of worrying about what you might be doing wrong and how people aren’t including you everywhere.

#3: You Have Multiple Serendipities and Clarity

So you accepted the fear, continued despite resistance, and embraced isolation.

It’s reward time—things are starting to work for you.

People appear out of nowhere to answer your deepest doubts.

Your conversations with your loved ones provide meaning you never knew before.

Logic takes a backseat, and the whole world seems to support you.

Take all of this into account and move on.

Life begins to work and move with you. You align yourself with his beautiful flow, and things start to relax.

It is not the proverbial treasure at the end of all struggles. It’s like a happy part of the journey where you go through the carnival in a city filled with loving people, music, and celebrations after years of walking through rugged landscapes with scary monsters.

So what is this reward in a spiritual sense?

It could be a deeper understanding of yourself gained by acting with your inner compass.

Does this mean you will become the billionaire you always wanted to be?

Maybe. Maybe not.

It could also mean that you are becoming spiritually rich and clearly understand that you are blessed and cared for.

Few people know how wonderful life already is for them; this knowledge itself is your reward.

Final Thoughts

We are travelers on a cosmic journey, stardust swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity. Life is eternal. We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love, and to share. This is a precious moment. It is a little parenthesis in eternity.

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