5 Brutal Truths of Life, I Realized Before 30

As I moved into my late twenties, I began to realize the fundamental truths of life.

Certainly, “knowing” and realizing are not the same.

You may know something, but letting it sink in deeply and becoming more aware of it is something entirely different.

It changed my perspective on how I saw life. It is true that there is a right time for everything. when that right moment comes in your life. It makes you wiser and more well-rounded, and you start to see the world through a completely different lens. Nothing can replace the experience that life teaches you.

Your age does not necessarily define your emotional maturity; it is possible that you are 60 years old and still lack emotional maturity and wisdom. It is something that comes naturally to some by divine grace.

Here are 5 brutal truths I learned along the way while growing up:

1. You are going to die.
The only fear I have in the back of my mind is death—the death of this body and my loved ones. I think we all fear death. It is a natural human tendency.

Whoever is born here on this planet will eventually die, and what is more unpleasant is that we do not know when.

Death gives no letter of invitation. At any moment, we can disappear forever. it’s frightening.  The fear of leaving everything and everyone we have known.

When you realize that you are not invincible, like anything else on this planet Earth, one day we will become extinct. Our time on this planet is limited. What is important is how we use this time to make our lives worth living. Every second you spend wasting time on things you don’t care about is like giving away your precious and limited time.

This fear sparked in me a feeling of needing to be mindful of how and who I spend my time with. and not waste time on things that don’t matter to me.

2. All the people you love will eventually leave you.
It’s a hard pill to swallow. We humans have the habit of leaning on others. We need security for everything in life.

I remember that when I realized this, it left me with a doubt. If everything and everyone I have now will be taken from me, what is the point of living this life?

I asked myself repeatedly, What is the purpose of this life?

Why are we here, who created us, again knowing and realizing that something is two different things? when you come to the conclusion that everyone you love will be taken from you when the time comes. and you don’t know when it scares you.

This is the reason why I went through an intense period of anxiety in 2023.

The feeling of What if my mom leaves me? This mere thought used to send me into panic attacks. This fear of losing your loved ones will not stop tormenting you until you reach a certain level of consciousness and train your mind.

I still fear death, but acceptance of your mortality and those around you is what makes you live your life to your full potential.

This small mindset shift allows you to appreciate every moment and do the best for your loved ones while they are still with you.

Most of us get stuck in living a life on automatic mode, forgetting the perishable nature of this human body.

What are you really waiting for? Spend time with your loved ones, hug them, and express how you feel about them. Don’t take this life and your limited time here for granted.

3. There is only one person who can help you, and that is “you.”
After reading over 50 self-help books and spending countless hours watching podcasts and documentaries,.

This is when I realized that there is only one person who can help you: “you.”. No one, literally no one, can take you out of the darkness unless you want to.

Sure, others can help and encourage you to some extent, but it is you who has to implement that in your life for change to happen.

If I ask a smoker to stop smoking and give him enough knowledge about how his consumption affects his body and how he can combat his cravings,.

Without a doubt, external help is beneficial, but the final decision is always yours.

When I realized this, my mindset immediately shifted from being a victim to taking charge of my life. take responsibility for my actions and not play the blame game. because at the end of the day, it’s your life, and it’s you who has to take that first step in the right direction.

4. You can never be happy or satisfied with material possessions.
Have you ever experienced this?

Your YouTube channel just reached 1 million subscribers, and your videos are getting enough views so you can earn the money you’ve always dreamed of.


You just bought an extravagant car. the car of your dreams, it is “the” moment for you.

This all feels good and exciting for the first few days, but then the shine fades.

It becomes just another car that takes you from point A to point B.

The point is that once we reach a certain level of success that we dreamed of, the feeling of accomplishment and pride doesn’t last long. because there is no happiness in possessions. and that’s true.

Once you hit that $100,000 benchmark or land your dream job, your desire will be to make double the money or get a promotion at your current job as soon as possible.

The truth is that human desires have no end; the more we get, the more we desire. It’s like a mirage; you think happiness lies in achieving it, but when you finally achieve it, It doesn’t seem as exciting as I thought.

Realizing this took a huge burden off my shoulders.

There is simply no limit to desires. We can be on our deathbed and still have unfulfilled desires. I’m not against being ambitious. It’s about finding your true values, knowing where to put an end to them, and being satisfied with what you have.

5. Change is the only inevitable thing.
Everything is destined to change.

Our bodies have changed since we were born, until today.

Do you know the exact day you transitioned into adolescence as a teenager? no right.  The relationships and friends we once adored are nowhere to be found.

Change is not always easy. Sometimes we get so attached to things, people, and situations in our lives that it’s hard to let them go.

When I look back at myself now, I see a huge transformation. It amazes me when I see what I was like and what I have become.

The point here is that the sooner you accept this, the better off you will be in life.

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