Keep Your Mouth Shut Is The Key To Success

I know that’s a little harsh, but it’s true. I’ve experienced it, and I can tell you that I’m very talkative, especially about plans.

I talk about my goals too much, and even my friends are tired of hearing it.

I talk about my ambition to other people too much, and sometimes people like to hear it, but sometimes not.

Most of the time, we spend a lot of time talking about it without taking any action towards it, which makes people tired of hearing it.

Yet, what’s the main problem with talking about our plans?

The problem

You don’t just tell your enemies about your plans; you also give yourself some kind of reward or sense of success just by talking about them.

That’s the main problem with talking about it.

Talking about your plans to other people is fun, but it can also backfire on you.

When I was in high school, I was a talkative person and a people-pleaser. I love seeing people take an interest in what I have to say. So, whenever I get a chance to be the best or great at an organization or hobby, I love talking about how I want to be just like them.

  • I told them about my plans to become the best basketball player someday.
  • I talk about becoming the best math student in the class and my organization.
  • I talk about becoming the best guitarist, the best dancer, or the best wing-chun student.

I didn’t do any work that day.

I just keep talking about my plans over and over again. Yet, this backfires on me. I found out that my ambition and motivation only last for a few days.

After going back to my room, I turn into my old self and play games again.

It seems like I have forgotten all the ambitions and plans of that day and become lazy. Sometimes I meet my friends, and they ask about my progress. Well, because I was a people-pleaser that day, I lied about my progress and tried to make it look like I was making progress in their minds. I lied about how much I like dancing, how much I like playing music, and how much I like studying math, because what I pretend to do is my actions.

My actions are the opposite of what I tell myself.

Then, I reveal my real actions and progress. I didn’t train that much, I didn’t study that much, and I gave up one by one. I let down my Guru, my teacher, and my coach. My ego for trying to please so many people is going to hell now.

I feel like a failure.

Now that I’ve learned something, I want to shut up and start working on myself.

That’s when I started writing and discovered that I enjoyed it. I stopped using Instagram and other social media except messaging apps. I don’t brag about what I’m working on or my progress; I start to focus on myself and how I can improve.

The second problem with talking too much is that too many people will know your plans.

It’s not that you’re wrong to talk too much about your plans with other people, but the problem is not only your friends who know your plans but also your enemies. Enemies might disguise themselves as friends and then start asking you about your progress or discovering your hidden lies. Once they find out, they may talk about it with other people and bring you down about how talkative you are.

This is a true story that I have experienced before, where I felt embarrassed because I spoke too much and disappointed too many people.

Other than that, we want to make a first impression.

The first impression is important, but maintaining it is much more difficult.

So keep your mouth shut and get to work.

You can write it if you want.

I usually write down my plans and goals so I can remember and see them, rather than just having them in my mind. This is useful if you are trying to work hard or achieve a certain goal.

If you can’t bear to talk about your plans, you can talk about them, but only when you are forced to do so.

When I work as an insurance agent, my mentor tells me that you don’t need to talk to many people about becoming an insurance agent. Although it is important to promote yourself as an insurance agent, you can put it in your bio on Instagram or other social media networks. Other than that, he starts working and says you’re an insurance agent when necessary.

For example, when I try to prospect insurance for my friends, I ask them when I could meet them and talk about it face-to-face. Then he asked, “For what?” and then I said, “Because of my job.” That’s all. I don’t say what my job is unless I’m asked. When my friend asks me what job I do, I can tell him that I work as an insurance agent.

This way, you won’t talk too much about your work unnecessarily, and you’ll talk about it when people want to know about it.

This is optional, and if you feel comfortable talking about it and committing to it, go ahead. We have our different ways of achieving our goals because, after all, talking about it is not bad, but it could backfire if you don’t control it.

So, learn to control it, or even shut your mouth completely until you get it.


Then reveal yourself as a result, not as a word from your mouth.

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